Thiwtlig Management typically invests relatively small amounts in a given opportunity,  ranging from $25,000 to $100,000. The company strongly favors businesses which address a large market, and which offer  the promise of achieving significant recurring regular cash flow. Thiwtlig bets as much if not more on the entreupreneur as on  the business model. Only those with the highest ethical standards and with the utmost in candor and transparency will be considered.

Thiwtlig Management portfolio companies typically have a premoney valuation ranging from $1mm to $10mm. Thiwtlig principals expect to be in frequent communication with the entreupreneur. Business models need not be related to baseball.

While Thiwtlig's stakes tend to be small, the company maintains a network of other  active private equity investors with similar objectives. For especially attractive opportunities, larger total stakes can be  assembled from multiple private equity investors.

In addition to the typical angel preferred stock deal, Thiwtlig will also consider venture debt deals, featuring a loan with a maturity of 2-3 years, with a high interest rate, and some warrant coverage. Thiwtlig's deal sizes for venture debt arrangements can be higher, in the $500k to $1mm range.

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